All our items are security marked and if found to be faulty within 1 year of the invoice date will be repaired or replaced.Return postage not covered.Warranty covers contacts,bearings and oil seal,but does NOT cover ongoing water ingress.Garage diagnostic report will be required.

*Please note the return of your broken unit is required to validate your warranty.

Vauxhall Opel Holden Cascada Hydraulic Roof Motor and Pump 2013-On

Reconditioned Unit. Part number not required.Fits all Models 20013-On

 Has your VX / Opel /Holden Cascada  roof stopped working?

  We can offer you a more cost effective solution. We can supply FULLY reconditioned,improved and bench tested genuine complete Audi Hydraulic Roof Pump Units which are suitable for all models. i.e *the reservoir,valve-block,solenoid AND motor as shown.

These units don't even need coding to the car,so NO diagnostic and recoding costs to pay either. However you may have to pay for this to be fitted by your local garage. Our unit(s) are In stock and available TODAY most arrive within 24 hours !!

No need to post your unit off first and wait for the motor to arrive while Hydraulic fluid leaks all over the boot of your car. When you have made the repair simply return your complete broken unit within 14 days and get a *£50 cash-back.

*The return of the unit also validates your 12 month warranty. 

If you have any questions please let us know via email or phone. Reconditioned Unit. 

Part numbers vary but are not required as this unit fits ALL models.

** Now with FREE 1 Litre bottle of the correct  Hydraulic Oil worth £19.95!! **   

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