Ford Focus CC Cabriolet Convertible Roof ECU 2006-2011 6N4T15B689

  6N4T15B689 There are 4 versions of this unit ,the part numbers are as above but end i..


Ford Focus CC Cabriolet Convertible Roof Motor and Pump 2006-2011 OAS9410454

Please click the following link for instructions on how to close a failed Focus CC roof.https://www...


Ford Focus CC Cabriolet Convertible Roof Motor Only 2006-2011(OAS9410454)



Ford Escort Cabriolet Convertible Hydraulic Roof Pump Motor Repair Cog

 This part will fit all Escort roof pump models that have a black plastic cover on the drive mo..


Ford Escort Cabriolet Convertible Roof Motor Unit Only (V90ABL15667AB)

Reconditioned Unit. Part number not required but typically for the pump V90ABL15667AB .  *12 Mo..


Ford Focus CC Cabriolet Convertible Roof Motor Repair Kit 2006-2011

Now with a FREE 250ml bottle of Hydraulic oil with easy applicator! If you recognise the motor (i..


Ford Focus CC Convertible Cabriolet Individual Hydraulic Rams 2006-2011

There are 5 Hydraulic units used to operate the Focus CC Roof.   Please check the part # ..


Ford Focus CC Hydraulic Roof Motor and Pump Solenoid only 2006-2011

Has your Focus CC Convertible roof stopped working properly? This may be due to a faulty sol..


Ford Focus CC Roof Motor Oil Reservoir & Jubilee Clip 2006-2011

Suitable for all years. Used parts ,cleaned and ready to use. NOT available from Ford. This..


Ford Mustang Convertible Roof Pump Motor 2008-2013 8R3Z76533A00B

Brand New Unit. Part number    8R3Z76533A00B (S171359) .Fits All Models.*12 Month War..