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BMW Mini R57 Sunroof Motor Replacement DRIVE GEAR COG All Years (54342758446)

All R57 models : 2009 - 2015

  Includes free 2g Lithium grease*

 It's common for the teeth on the plastic drive gear inside the the Mini R57 Sunroof motor to become damaged .This is caused by lack of lubrication on the inner and outer sunroof runners.In some cases the metal drive gear can wear too.

   This is a brand new item to replace your damaged gear.

(MINi do not supply replacement drive gears or repair kits only the complete unit at over £650).

If your sunroof motor has a damaged plastic drive gear and wont retract this part may be what you need.
*This is not suitable if its your roof ECU that has failed or the metal gear has worn*

 Please note all the sunroof runners MUST be lubricated BEFORE replacing this drive gear or the failure will continue.
We will not replace the drive gear /cog  with damaged teeth ..

* the lithium grease is only for the lubrication of the supplied gear.

Please Note: This listing is only for the part(s) pictured NO ECU and no other parts are included.

The part offered is one perfect / genuine VW ( Webasto ) plastic drive gear as shown.

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