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Mini R56 Panoramic Sunroof Motor Replacement Unit ,All Models 2006-2013 54103448675

Mini R56 Panoramic Sunroof Motor Replacement Unit ,

ALL MODELS From 2006-2013

 Reconditioned Unit.Typical BMW part number 54103448675

Fits all models *12 Month Warranty. Part number not required.

This is now becoming a very common fault. Lack of maintenance ie not lubricating the sunroof runners results in damage to the sunroof motor unit. 

A new sunroof motor unit is £650 from our local BMW/MINI dealer !! We have a more cost effective solution saving over ££££ on the new price from MINI.

The unit we supply simply re attaches to your car using YOUR ECU control module (which sits inside the plastic box) from your old sunroof motor and is secured by a number of easily undone clips.

Our tested/used units carry the same *12 Month warranty as a brand new unit but at a fraction of the cost of a new unit.

Please note: The MINI sunroof will ultimately fail again if the sunroof assembly has not been correctly lubricated.

Failure due to this will invalidate the 12 month warranty given by RoofMotors.

We can now offer a full roof service for the BMW Mini, please call our fitting  guys on 01274 722 533 for more details

If you have any questions please email us at or call 07974 767 332

**Please note we DO NOT include the ECU control module inside this unit**

**You cannot return this item if you incorrectly diagnosed the fault with yours**

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