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Chrysler Crossfire Convertible Roof Pump and Motor 2003-2008 A1938000030

Has your Crossfire Cabriolet roof stopped working?Its an expensive fix from Chrysler, as as you can ..

Chrysler Crossfire Convertible Roof Pump Motor Unit Only 2003-2008 (A1938000030)

Now with FREE 250 ml. of Hydraulic Top-up Oil (in handy applicator bottle) & Repair Kit worth £3..

Chrysler Crossfire Cabriolet Roof Pump Reservoir Kit 2003-2008 (A1938000030)

Suitable for all years 2003-2008.Used parts, Cleaned and ready to use.Includes Tank,Gasket ,filter a..

Chrysler Crossfire Convertible Roof Pump Solenoid 2003-2008 (A1938000030)

Has your Crossfire Convertible roof stopped working properly?This may be due to a faulty solenoid va..

Chrysler Crossfire Roof Pump Repair Kit 2003-2008

If your roof is not working but you can hear the motor spinning then it could be a broken impeller i..

Chrysler Specific Hydraulic Top Up Oil 1Ltr.

This Febi fluid is suitable for the following Chrysler Convertible : Crossfire & Sebring..
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