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Bentley GTC Convertible Roof Pump Motor Unit Only 2007-2013 (3W7959255)

Reconditioned Unit. Part number not required but typically 3W7959255 for the pump. 12 Month Warranty. All models 2007-2013

 Has your Bentley GTC roof stopped working?

Its an 'eye watering' expensive fix from Bentley !! 

Its become common for the 12v DC motor which drives the roof control pump to burn out on these cars.

There is no need to buy a complete roof motor and pump unit at over £5k.

We can supply you a reconditioned unit 12v DC motor unit ( the part that has failed on your car) with a *12 month warranty.

These units don't even need coding to the car,So no further diagnostic and recoding costs to pay either. Once the pump unit has been located its a 5 minute job to remove 2 bolts and a power cable and swap the motor over.

Our unit(s) are In stock available TODAY most arrive within 24 hours !!

No need to post your unit off first and wait for the motor to arrive while Hydraulic fluid leaks all over the boot of your car.

When you have made the repair simply return your complete broken unit within 14 days and get a £50 cash-back.

Reconditioned Unit. Part number not required.*12 Month Warranty. All GTC models.

Please note: We recommend the replacement of the roof motor relay(s) ,once you have replaced the 12v DC motor unit.

A failed relay may have caused the initial original motor to burn out.

If you have any questions please email or call Graham on 07974 767 332

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