'With over 20 years experience in the automotive industry and now in our 10th year as RoofMotors serving both the UK and International customers'

All our products have a 12 Months Warranty unless otherwise stated.                                  

     Most roof pumps and / or motor units require the purchaser to *return their broken 'core' unit to validate the RoofMotors warranty. In these cases we will refund the customer between £20 and £100 depending on the model purchased. If you purchase one of these unit please ensure you have complied with the warranty requirements and return the complete unit in the time allocated.

Our units have a  minimum warranty of *12 Months from the date of invoice. The warranty is for the drive unit only and covers oil seals, bearings and bushes.The valve bodies and reservoirs do not fail unless abused or incorrectly fitted.

Factors that will void the warranty include, but are not limited to abuse, incorrect fitment, water ingress, fire damage, ongoing electrical issues and being damaged as a result of another defective part in the vehicle.

A Garage diagnostic report will be required in event of a claim.

 All our reconditioned items have a trackable security label attached. Please do not open the unit or tamper with this label, as this will invalidate your warranty claim.

Items with a valid warranty claim will either be replaced or repaired at our discretion and returned free of charge in a timely manner.

 Diagnostic, removal, replacement of, and other garage charges are not covered by the warranty.

 We have a common sense approach to warranty claims as long as our units are fitted correctly and used as the vehicle manufacturer intended.

*If there is a return 'core' deadline of 14 days for UK customers and 30 days for " Rest of World' customers wee may at our discretion extend this period.

 If you have any questions please email us at warranty@roofmotors.co.uk